This is a page where I convince you to hire us based on our past achievements. I believe that our students will speak for us because they believe in us as much as we believe in them. Instead, you can click here to see what they have to say. With that said, we are taking the unconventional approach and briefly introducing ourselves but more importantly, I want to tell you what we care about.

My friends and I are a group of music coaches with interest and backgrounds in psychology. We are based around the Klang Valley and give in-person classes as well as classes online. We also have guest teachers from different universities around the world who provide special classes online. Every month, we have tips and tricks from different educators and also free practice material for anyone subscribed to our newsletter.

Now, here’s why we’re here.

The Way Back Home Musical by Oliver Jeffers. Musical Theater for kids. Male Lead, Christian Palencia, as ‘Boy’. 

Christian said: “I wasn’t a very good learner. I couldn’t pay attention in class, so I had to find my way around it.”

Back in school, he would turn all his math algorithms and long history notes into songs.

“I think it’s is a very good way to help children who are like me to learn better,” he added.

Jeslyn, The Star Newspaper.

Learning in a class that averaged between 30 – 40 students was extremely difficult. Especially for a boy who had no idea what he was learning, why he was learning and could not understand why he was so different from everyone around him. Thankfully, quite early on I met a teacher of mine who made English so much fun.

I was 11 years old at the time. This teacher had no idea how much she impacted this chubby Sabahan boy who could barely make friends. She turned almost every lesson into a songwriting class and taught us singing. She would write some songs herself and address social issues that we were too young to comprehend. Yet, something in me came alive. I could finally understand what was being taught.

What? That’s some out of syllabus style teaching! In a Malaysian Public School? yes. More importantly than all the benefits you could assume ultimately, I felt understood and I could finally understand. This turned my life around immensely. 

So here’s why we do what we do. Our mission is simple:

To connect to our students on the deepest level through music.

To comprehend our students so they can comprehend what they are learning.

To create the most convenient learning experience.

That’s really it. We care and believe in our students. We want to create a high level of trust between the parents and teachers. Connect, Comprehend, Convenience.

You can schedule a video meeting to get to know our teachers. Just drop us an email here:

We look forward to meeting you.