“You’re never too old to sing” is kinda overused as a selling point. Let’s be real and tell you what the majority of our adults students do.

40 years and above

Our students that are above the ages of 40 are regularly parents who wish to connect deeper with their children. They schedule classes separate from their kids and use their personal practice time to bond with them. It is a sight to see when your child corrects your chord choices on the guitar. Most of our adult students sign up in pairs with their kids.

21 years – 39 years old

If you fall within this age range, we would suggest to you a Masterclass. Click here. A Masterclass is a one-off class that goes over your entire goal in a 2 hour session. We encourage you record your sessions with us. This session will be a lesson you can refer to over the next few months. It will be filled with technical information about how you can achieve your goals that will need consistent revisiting in your own time.

15 – 21 years old

Our classes specialize in this age range. Most of our students are nearing the end of high school and are interested in studying music or musical theatre. We recommend a one and one video call with our teachers to determine your next steps.

Don’t fit any of the above? Not to worry.

Our classes are specially crafted syllabuses for each student. It all comes down to what your goals are and if we can get you there. The classes we provide are:

Vocal Classes for Young Adults (15 – 21)

Vocal Classes for Adults (21 – above)

Learn to Sing and play Guitar (Dual Skill Classes)

Drums for Adults – Casual and Graded

Casual Piano for Adults

Songwriting Classes for Adults

Email us at [email protected] for more information. Online and In-person classes within the Klang Valley available.

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