What is a Masterclass?

Masterclasses are generally technically driven classes that experienced musicians attend to tackle specific goals. However, we have realized a massive amount of our students lead busy lives and are interested in one-off classes every few months. So we developed multiple options for the busy person.

360 Masterclass for Beginners

In this Masterclass, new/beginner singers join us for a 2 hour one on one class. The class will lay out heavy technical concepts and exercises for you to experience. This class will contain 2 – 3 months worth of information for your self-practice. Also, included are the masterclass package staples below. Beginners who cannot commit to weekly classes usually opt for this option instead.

Vocal 180 Masterclass

The name of our company is also our specialty masterclass. This class is for intermediate or advance level singers that are prepping for performance, auditions and/or are stuck in music. In this 2 hour one on one class, we will dissect any weaknesses to be improved on, work on repertoire and/or tackle specific goals.

Vocal Masterclass for Experts

Our Expert Masterclasses are conducted by internationally recognized Educators. They range from Masters Degree holders and/or Lecturers from different Universities. Please contact us for more information on these classes.

Want to start but can’t commit? That’s fine. Our Monthly Vocal 180 Practice Audio and Newsletter will help expand your voice.